Name: Milad Rezaei
Skills: singer, musician, composer and poet
Nationality: Iranian, from Kohgilouye & Boyerahmad, living in Shiraz and Tehran
Birth: 1369.05.20


Milad Rezaee was a student of industrial engineering(civil) but after 6 semesters he quit because of the musical duties. After some years he started studying and finally gratuated.
He is the oldest children in his family and has a younger brother and a sister. He is originally from Lorestan.
He started music by playing the keyboard instrument. He was interested in pop music. So he started learning how to play the piano.
He was learning it on his own but he faced alot of problems. His parents were against him because they were aware of his talent in education, they wanted him to finish the university.
That was a reason he could not continue going to guitar class but he finally got a chance to continue.

Art life:

Milad Rezaee released his first album in 1392. Its name was Eshgham jonam.
After 3 years he released his second album. Its name was Havaset kojast.
Hay, Che vaby, Yare joony and Yare farangy are the names of songs that he had after his second album.
He cooperated with some artists like Maryam Asadi, Milad Baran, Amir Yeganeh, Anoosh Taqavi, Siavash Sadri, Masood Afjeh ee, Babak Rajabi, Aryan Khalaj and Reza Ehsani.

Art work:

Eshgham joonam
Havaset kojast
Che vabi
Yare jooni
Yare farangy